Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oppose: "To be resistant to." (American Heritage Dictionary)

Entropy: "The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity." (American Heritage Dictionary)

Sounds futile, right?

I've finally entered the blog realm. Coming up with creative names and titles is not one of my talents. "Opposing Entropy" was chosen for this blog because it incorporates a lot of things I like to think about and will likely write about.

Entropy is quite a dominant force - physical entropy, mental entropy, spiritual/moral entropy - all deteriorating more and more towards a sea of gray nothingness. And yet, we have planets, solar systems, galaxies, molecules, cells, plants, animals, humans - all proof of the inomnipotence (making up words is within the rules here) of physical entropy. We have books, philosophy, music, art, science - all prevailing over mental entropy. And we have friends, family, prophets, martyrs, and the Lord Himself - all standing in the face of moral entropy. Why? How?

Now, realistically, I'm busy and won't be posting often. But if there's something on my mind, whether chaos/complexity theory, philosophical musings, religious insights, or whatever, I'll try to think out loud here.

If we don't put forth any kind of effort, I think entropy will overpower us. If we sit around and do nothing, our bodies will waste away into dust. If we don't read, think, wonder, and question, our minds will be empty and vulnerable to whatever trendy philosophy fills our environment. If we don't think and pray about what we believe and then be willing to stand up for those things in the face of ridicule, we will gradually but surely join the ranks of believers in nothing, left to be blown about directionless by winds of doctrine and appetites of instinct.

Somehow we need to become and remain the salt of the earth when everything is pulling us toward looking and tasting like the dirt around us.

So, I hereby officially open this blog. Hopefully there will be ideas discussed here that will help us all in our efforts to resist the entropy that is constantly trying to deteriorate us into nothingness.

Nobody wants a blog without pictures, so here are some:

Lake Blanche (beautiful) and Neff Canyon (my secret getaway hideout in the mountains)

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